Why This Matters

Ohio’s Supplemental Process purges and places the burden of re-registration on voters whose eligibility has not changed, in direct violation of the plain language and purpose of the NVRA. The NVRA is federal legislation that was signed into law in 1993, with bipartisan support, to protect the right to vote. To achieve this aim, the NVRA seeks to increase the number of registered voters, and ensure that states maintain accurate voter rolls by ensuring that once an individual has registered they remain on the rolls so long as they remain eligible. Ohio’s Supplemental Process results in the removal of far too many eligible voters and creates inaccuracies in the voter rolls.

At a time when there are approximately 50 million eligible citizens not registered to vote, it is critical that the Supreme Court strike down Ohio’s Supplemental Process and ensure that the gates are not opened for other states across the country to adopt similar practices, which indiscriminately remove eligible voters from the rolls and deny them their constitutional right to vote.